DRG is a leader in the development of innovative solutions that support critical defense, intelligence, and security missions. By fusing real-time sensor, operations, and intelligence data, DRG delivers best-in-class capabilities to support operations and analysis from the tactical edge to the global enterprise.

DRG is organized around five key mission areas:

  • •  ISR / Persistent Surveillance

  • •  Force Protection & Precision Fires

  • •  Cross-Domain Security

  • •  Real-time Mission Support / Battle Command

  • •  Intelligence Collection, Analysis, & Reporting

Core Values

DRG was founded upon and succeeds today because we hold true a core set of principles.

  • Innovation >

    Our teams are passionate about our customer mission and the science and technology we work with. As a result, we find ourselves leading or collaborating on some the most fascinating programs, solutions and tools.

  • Relationships >

    Our eye for quality goes well beyond our solutions. We seek excellence with our customer and partner relationships and our day-to-day collaboration and communication with them.

  • Value >

    Our solutions are measured across a range of metrics, from system performance, resource reduction, cost-savings or something far more precious. Our teams aim to provide high-quality, dependable solutions knowing that success for our customers is success for us all.

  • Speed >

    Given what is often at stake for our customers, our ability to translate requirements into a field-ready solution is critical. When time is short there is no substitute for experience, understanding, and professionalism.

All DRG products are built upon the core of our widely-fielded, Multi-INT, C2/PED solution Ageon. This core has been tailored to meet unique mission requirements and computing environments to provide unparalleled mission flexibility.

  • Ageon ISR >

    Deployed as a 1u server appliance or software-only for ground stations, aircraft or operations centers. Scale from a single site to a federated global architecture on this field-proven solution.

  • Ageon HSX >

    NSA-accredited solution for sharing Multi-INT data across security domains. Add sensors and systems to your program architecture without re-accrediting your solution.

  • Ageon On-the-Move >

    Supports collection, processing, exploitation, and sharing of Multi-INT sensor, and operational data while on the move.

  • Ageon Wisp >

    Light-weight, services & widgets for deployment in cloud computing environments. Deploy as stand-alone tools or as a comprehensive mission support or exploitation workflow.

  • GeoSpera >

    Exportable version of Ageon ISR solution, deployed as a 1u server appliance or software-only for ground stations, aircraft or operations centers.

DRG products are backed by an experienced team of program and technology professionals who integrate into or customize solutions for virtually any environment and for any mission. From designing light-weight tactical solutions, to helping architect national-level intelligence systems, DRG stands ready.

  • Rapid Application Development >

    Our teams provide rapid application development with limited requirements. Our in-house expertise and ready access to subject matter experts makes for minimal ramp up time and quick delivery.

  • System & Sensor Integration >

    Our teams have experience writing interfaces to wide range of complex systems, platforms, and sensors - no matter where your data originates, be it space, air, ground, or sea, our team can help you access and exploit it.

  • User Interface Engineering >

    In a world with virtually unlimited data, information is power. To harness this power, we recognize the enormous value that a clean, intuitive interface design brings to the user.

  • Data Fusion >

    Today's mission-critical systems rely on the complete integration of multiple data sources. Our teams fuse a wide range of data, from high bit rate streams to slowly changing data sets, to deliver actionable insight.

  • Geospatial Exploitation >

    If your information is derived from the physical world, we can help make sense of it via lightweight web-accessible interfaces.

  • Mobile Development >

    Mobility is essential in many of our customers' fast-paced, dynamic environments. Our team provides development services leveraging technology and platforms from many of the major mobile device vendors.

  • Streaming media >

    Our teams have experience working with a wide range of streaming media technologies in a diverse set of network environments.

  • CONUS/OCONUS Training >

    We understand that proficient use of these powerful tools ensures smooth mission support and the best analysis possible. DRG offers train-the-trainer, classroom or computer-based training as well as support for the development of program-specific, TRADOC-quality training programs.

  • Systems Architecture & Engineering Support >

    Our systems engineers deliver on a range of services from program and system architecture to quality assurance, documentation, and information assurance support.

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